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Chung Nguyen (b. 1990) is a Vietnamese artist, choreographer, and movement educator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Chung’s ongoing practice explores the interface between dance, performance art, and somatic studies to embody the concept of the body-mind relationship. Chung’s works focus on the experience and sensations of the body in relation to bodily movement, touch, vocal sounds, time and space, and the interplay with objects.

Chung graduated from Vietnam Dance Academy in 2009. Across between 2009-2016, Chung worked as a dancer at Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam), T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore), and Cinevox Junior Company (Switzerland), and in 2013 was awarded a special prize at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition. 

Working as an independent artist since 2017, Chung presented the first solo dance work A trip of, presented in Switzerland and Singapore. Remarkably, in 2019, Chung presented The Hooks: No.2, in which Chung experiments with the form of performance art, on the roof of a building at Time Between Project: Ether, where the artist performed with 300 clothing hangers, wore one by one until the body turned red and blue. As the artist described: “In the process of making and performing this work, I found it was immensely challenging, interesting and paradox process within myself, in a sense of self-expressive decision making as to begin a new journey into the unknown territory that was driven by curiosity. The experience was unforgettable and transformed”.

Since then, Chung’s individual works, and collaborations with other artists/performers in dance, visual art, and sound art have been presented on stage, and in gallery spaces and site-specific performances across Vietnam, America, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, and Switzerland. 

Completed artist-in residencies such as Deep in the Mountains (Korea), Southeast Asia Choreolab, (Malaysia), The International Choreographers Residency-American Dance Festival (Durham, USA), Southeast Asia Choreographers Network #2 & #3, and performed as a guest artist in community project Memento Mori (Vietnam).

Chung has received funding support from Asian Cultural Council, in partnership with Kelola Foundation, Prince Claus Fund, and Goethe-Institut Ho Chi Minh City.

Work History

2017 to Present   




Choreographies / Performances

2019 - 2020 
Grr Grr Graoz (performed by Nguyên Nguyễn)
at Open Stage, organized by Arabesque Dance Company (HCMC, Vietnam)
Canary in the coal mine (tạm dịch: "hoàng yến trong mỏ than")
at Ether: The Rebirth; Time Between project, supported by Goethe Institut HCMC and Quoc Thao Theatre (HCMC, Vietnam)
(Online) presentation at SCOPE #9, organized by Dance Nucleus (Singapore)
The Sack- a series of performances
at No Cai Bum Art Week Festival 2020 (Hue, Vietnam) | Performance Plus 2019; Mot+++ (HCMC, Vietnam) | Para\\el Performance Space (2019); curated by Leili Huzaibah (Brooklyn, USA) | American Dance Festival (2019); The International Choreographers Residency (Durham, USA)

The Live[ing] room                             
at Performance Plus; A.Farm (HCMC, Vietnam)
The Talk (as a performer)
A dance video installation, in collaboration with fashion designer Cong Tri Nguyen, choreographed by Thanh Phuong Ngo (HCMC, Vietnam)
Inside Out (as a performer)
A performative exhibition choreographed by Isabelle Schad (Malaysia)
While in RD (collaborated with Sherli Novalinda)
A site-specific work, Dancing in Place Project (Malaysia)
The Hooks: No.2
at Time Between Project: Ether, curated & produced: Quyen D.Pham & Nhung Walsh (HCMC, Vietnam)

Memento Mori (as a guest artist)
A community project (Vietnam)
IMbalance (collaborated with Chinh Khanh, Tieu Thinh)
at Wintercearig Project, director: Tricia Nguyen (HCMC, Vietnam)
The Hooks: No.1
at Daegu International Dance Festival (Daegu, Korea) | Open Stage (HCMC, Vietnam)
Is There (collaborated with Boram Jun, sound composer: Tine Surel Lange)
at M1 Off Stage (Singapore)
Invisible Flow (collaborated with Thuan Huu Nguyen, sound artist: Sto Len)
at Krossing Over Arts Festival (HCMC, Vietnam)

Is There (collaborated with Boram Jun, sound composer: Tine Surel Lange)
at Korea National Theater (Korea) - part of Deep in The Mountains Residency
Reallusion (co-choreographed & performed with Phuong Thanh Ngo, Thuan Huu Nguyen, Thuy Van, sound artist: Dao Duy Tung, lighting: Duong Quoc Khoa)
Interactive work with visual artist Ly Hoang Ly, The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, (HCMC, Vietnam)
A Trip Of
at M1 Open Stage (Singapore)

A Trip Of
at Open Stage, Tanz Lobby Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

Sleep Walker (collaborated with Thuy Van)
at Saigon Ranger & Sao La (HCMC, Vietnam)


(Happening) Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance; organised by Dance Nucleus in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts (Sinagpore)

Workshop: Organ System (Somatic Movement Education Program). Olive Bieringa, Amy Matthews, and Mary Lou Seereiter, Somatic Education Australasia / School for Body-Mind Centering®, 49 hours (Melbourne, Australia)
Workshop: Basic Neurocellular Patterns (Somatic Movement Education Program). Olive Bieringa, Amy Matthews, and Mary Lou Seereiter, Somatic Education Australasia / School for Body-Mind Centering®, 49 hours (Melbourne, Australia)

Qualification: Intermediate Professional Education Diploma 


Korean Dance Association Award
Korea International Modern Dance Competition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Grey Space (a 3 year project starts 2021-2023; M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival organised & presented by T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore)

(Online) Element #8: Not yet (still here) already gone, facilitated by Nikolaus Gansterer, organised by Dance Nucleus (Singapore)

(Online) Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN #3) | Organized by Kelola Foundation, supported by Asian Cultural Council

Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN #2) - Platform/s; facilitated by Helly Minarti & Daniel Kok (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
The International Choreographers Residency, American Dance Festival | Supported by Asian Cultural Council, in partnership with Kelola Foundation (Durham, USA)

Southeast Asia Chorelab, facilitated by Isabelle Schad | Travel supported by Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City (Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia)

Deep in the mountains | Supported by Korea Arts Council (Korea)


Artist Statement

Being a dancer has given me valuable experience of body sensation and explore the qualities of body movement. But being a performance artist is like a transformation of what I’ve experienced in dance. I’m driven to expand my artistic practice and change my thinking into a new way of working through the body, and to be connected directly from my personal concern to society”.

Explanation of why I decided to shift from dance practice to performance art practice:

In my early work as a dancer, I was focusing on how to develop the movement technique and its quality in space. The body was central to my practice, yet I felt that there was a distance between the body and the viewers. With performance art, I focus less on movement technique, and more on the concept of the body and its process. I simplify the body movement and explore the body and its movement as an interactive space for the viewers. In performance art, I am liberated to work with the body in different ways without limitations of time, space, and material.

My works focus on the collaboration between the body, objects, and the viewers in relation to the actions, spaces, and materialities in everyday life. In my early works in performance art, The Hooks and The Sack, I chose to focus on a single object - one that I could use to cover my body or transform its function in the performance. But then I questioned if there was a way to open more possibilities for my work without restricting but expanding on that idea. I realized that these elements such as the body, objects, and spaces are all part of our daily life. For example, space and the viewers, and how they interact with my work, could also become an interesting aspect of the performance.

For each performance, I encourage the viewers to create their own way to see the performance and open space for both performer and viewer to experience themselves in. Through this process, what is interesting is the co-created situation between the body, objects, the viewers, and spaces, which leaves questions of how would they co-perform in / experience my work?




Workshop / Class

As a movement educator, Chung has involved in several projects and offered workshops such as:

+ Interact & Play at 7th No Borders project, organized by Unity Space (HCMC, Vietnam).

+ Interact & Play at Holding Common Ground: Pathways to Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, sponsored by Soul Music & Performing Arts, the Department of State and The Movement Kitchen (HCMC, Vietnam).

+ Interact & Play at Transient Creatures project (HCMC, Vietnam).

+ Body & Object at CAB (Hoi An, Vietnam).

+ Contact improvisation at Cai To Nho studio (HCMC, Vietnam).  

+ Movement Improvisation (Movement & Awareness) at Yoga Pod & Cai To Nho studio (HCMC, Vietnam).

+ The Dance of Organs (online course).

+ The Body as… a 2-week workshop for X Project at Draw studio (Hoi An, Vietnam).

To follow up with classes and more information, please visit:






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Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam