The Sack

The Sack is a series of performances (ongoing), in which Chung explores the interplay between a sack with different bodies and identities, and the interaction of performer, viewer, private space, and social media.

The Sack has been performed at the American Dance Festival; International Choreographers Residency Program (North Carolina, USA), Para//el Performance Space (Brooklyn, USA), Performance Plus 2019; Mot+++ (HCMC, Vietnam).

+ American Dance Festival; International Choreographers Residency Program (North Carolina, USA) :

Choreographed: Chung Nguyen

Performers: Ginnifer Joe, Nicolas Hopkin

+ Para//el Performance Space (Brooklyn, USA):

Performer : Chung Nguyen, Curator : Leili Huzaibah

+ Performance Plus 2019 (big day of performance #1), Mot+++ (HCMC, Vietnam) Performer: Chung Nguyen

+ Performance Plus 2019 (big day of performance #2), Mot+++ (HCMC, Vietnam): 

Choreographed: Chung Nguyen

Performers: Thinh Tieu, Oanh Nguyen. Guest: Daniel Costin