The Hooks: No.2

‘The Hooks’ is a series that the artist approaches to different kinds of arts form such as contemporary dance, performance art and video art. ‘The Hooks’ focus on finding connection between body and clothe hangers, and the transformation of their functions into artwork.

For Chung, clothe hangers are familiar in everyday life that people have created and given them certain functions. But here, the hooks are arranged to become an integral part of the work with new perspectives on their existence. In the process of minimizing the movements of the body, through interaction with the hooks, the artist is in search for himself a new transformative space. So, how that existence which exists in a narrow but close distance between human and object become?

Time Between Art Project: Ether (HCMC, Vietnam)

Created & performed: Chung Nguyen

Curated & Co-Produced: Quyen D.Pham & Nhung Walsh

Photo Credit : Lam Hieu Thuan