A Trip Of

In this moment, as I stand right here, I look at you, but it seems that my eyes are envisioning an image beyond my current thoughts and emotions, moving past what I really see in front of me.

“ Nguyen Thanh Chung excites the audience from the outset, replacing his head with a green inflated balloon on the floor moving like a puppy. A trip of… is an exciting proposition for dance using everyday objects and video to create and terminate movements phrases set against a particularly impressive sound score of code spelt out loud…

Review from Five lines Asia, written by Ezekiel Oliveira.

For more please check at: https://www.fivelines.asia/m1-open-stage-1-divercity-review/.

Choreographer & Performer : Chung Nguyen

Music : Powerless by Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescalleet

Photo Credit : Jingkai Kuang